Annie Robinson

In recent years Annie’s work and themes have been inspired by the Yorkshire landscape, and after sketching days out in the Dales and ‘soaking it all in’ provides an initial starting point for paintings to be worked on later in the studio.

“Starting a painting is always great with the prospect of exciting results ahead, for me it’s partly an act of faith as I don’t know exactly how it will turn out, but this is deliberate as I rather like that challenge. I work pretty furiously till there are visually exciting things starting to happen, drawing  and painting instinctively and spontaneously, immersed  in the act of painting itself, taking lots of risks and  reacting to the subject, the paint, textures and  colours in a personal and expressive way until the painting is finished”.

Annie’s roots are in the Preseli mountains region of Pembrokeshire and   she has lived and worked in North Yorkshire now for over 28 years, she  continues to exhibit widely in the area and beyond, and was a regular exhibitor at the Battersea Contemporary Art Fair in London from 2001 – 2010.

Her paintings and often a series of work continue to be bought by private and business collectors in the UK and Europe.

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