Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones collects plants while out walking with her dogs. Her pieces are crafted using the plants she picks on  her walks – these plants include Daisies, Shepherds Purse, various grasses, Clover, Cow Parsley, Butter Cups and ferns. She also finds everyday objects in skips or discarded on the street and makes plaster moulds from them

The flora and fauna are pressed before being placed into the clay. The finest porcelain and white earthenware are used to make the pieces.

Each item from her collections are hand painted using underglaze colours creating a beautiful watercolour effect. She decorates the pieces using intaglio, embossed and sprigged decorative techniques in the clay.

Finally, the rims of the Ceramic pieces are finished with either gold or platinum lustre.

The use of porcelain clay for the tea lights and vases gives them a magical luminosity in the flickering candle light or when the sun catches the ceramic surface.

Felicity lives and works in London.

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