Isabel Denyer



1965 – 1967:               Two year Foundation course at Farnham School of Art.


1967 – 1969:               Two year Studio Pottery Course at Harrow School of Art.


Summer 1969:             Worked with Gwyn Hansen Piggot at La Bourne in France.


1972 – 1975:               Potted in the USA.


1976:                                         Sponsored by the Jamaican Tourist Board to teach pottery

in Jamaica.


1987 – 1998:               Served on the committee of the Northern Potters Association, taking on the roles of Membership Secretary, Exhibitions Officer and Co-Chair.


2001 – 2005:               Co Chair of the Members and Associates Committee for the Craft Potters Association of Great Britain.


2006                              Ceramics Assistant to the Broughton Gallery,

Broughton Place, by Biggar, Scotland for 6 months.


            I am a Professional Member of the Craft Potters Association







I make domestic stoneware and porcelain pots, thrown on an electric wheel and reduction fired in a gas kiln to 1280 degrees.   Painting with oxides, wax resist, scraffitto or, sponging away areas on the porcelain pots to form bubbles of translucency, are my usual techniques of decoration and are combined with rich glazes which are kept simple to allow the food presented on the pots to ‘sing’.


Inspiration and Aims


The ripples of water as it eddies and swirls and moves around objects fascinate me, as do the marks on pebbles, the patterns of lichen and the stonemason’s chisel marks on Yorkshire Barns.  These, with the three-dot ‘cintanmani’ motif and the use of an impression from an ammonite, have been on-going themes for several years.  Form and function as well as beauty is my chief objective, challenge and delight and I derive great satisfaction from knowing that my pots will be used constantly as part of the daily rhythm.  They are all oven-proof and dishwasher friendly, making them suitable for all recipes and occasions.



Other Interests


My interest in life drawing and printmaking has led me to experiment with print making techniques on paper porcelain.  I also make beads from Precious Metal Clay which when fired, leaves pure silver.  From these I make necklaces which include porcelain, Egyptian Paste and ethnic beads and I love and collect world textiles.



Isabel taught pottery for a year on the Jamaican Tourist Board Craft Training Scheme.

She also gives private lessons to students and others wishing to improve their throwing skills at her workshop and she holds workshops for bead making using Precious Metal Clay.




Isabel has exhibited regularly in the Northern Potters selected exhibitions. She also exhibits at Ceramic Fairs and events around the country and in selected galleries.



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Included in A & C Black ‘Ceramic Jewellery’ by Joy Bosworth (2010)

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