Jonathan Ashworth

Jonathan completed his undergraduate studies at Edinburgh College of Art where he was a member of Protoacademy, established by Charles Esche.

He graduated from the Royal College of Art printmaking department in 2006, subsequently installing shows for international galleries, working as a designer at Dovecot Studios and teaching at Foundation, BA and MA level.

He taught printmaking at Leeds College of Art and produces woodcuts from his studio, now based in Hackney, London.

Jonathan was selected as Young Artist of the Year 2011 by The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle.

Sam Knowles, Curator of The Biscuit Factory said;

“Jonathan Ashworth’s woodcuts spoke to each of the judges – we were all touched by the tender, tender quality of his imagery, displaying a similar deft and deceptively simple touch to consolidate the image-making. The work suggests an artist who is already on the way to finding his voice; one whose interest in the nostalgic and enchanting is heart-warming, but also has significant depths as the fractured narratives are undercut with a subtle sense of loss and even possible malevolence. It is this precision with the nuances of universal human experiences that the judges all responded to, and which elevates Jonathan’s work.”

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