Peter Hicks

Peter Hicks was born in Osgodby in East Yorkshire, 1937 and studied at Middlesbrough College of Art.

At art school Peter Hicks combined painting with an athletic career, specialising in middle-distance running. He did his running training on the moors and learned their contours through his feet as well as through his eyes. His physical, intimate understanding of the landscape provides his paintings with almost infinite layers of meaning.

When he left Middlesbrough College of Art, Hicks taught in various schools and colleges before becoming Head of the Creative Arts Department at Queen Elizabeth College in Darlington, a post he held for twenty years. Throughout his teaching career he continued to paint, for many years experimenting with pure abstraction. It was not until he did a late MA at the University of Northumbria that he found himself fully able to justify his return to figuration as a landscapist. For the last fifteen years he has been painting his own chosen subjects entirely in his own idiom. He has returned to his student methods of working with long-handled brushes flat on the floor, using thin glazes of acrylic, adding sand and other materials, avoiding too obvious brushmarks but accepting the accidental ways in which the paint falls and dries. The innumerable sketches of the moors that he makes on the spot become the seed-corn for his large romantic paintings, full of sensuality and power.