Online Christmas Exhibition: 20 under £150

13th December - 12th January

This ‘online exhibition’ showcases twenty of our favourite works available to purchase online through our Shop.

There are some fantastic little gems in here…perfect for Christmas!

  1. Winter Forest, Sue Scullard, £45. Available online here.
  2. Queen Honeybee, Andrew Tyzack, £45. Available online here.
  3. Overall Dimensions, George Trapp, £60. Available online here.
  4. Baked Alaska (book), Chris Vine, £15. Available online here.
  5. Zillah Bell Gallery, Emily Sutton, £150. Available online here.
  6. Crystal Light I, Anja Percival, £75. Available online here.
  7. Flick Knives and Forks (book), Antony Earnshaw, £8. Available online here.
  8. Geranium with lilac cap, Jonathan Trowell NEAC, £95. Available online here.
  9. Battersea Morning, Jason Hicklin, £75. Available online here.
  10. Full circle (book), Hilary Painter, £34. Available online here.
  11. Spring Morning, Louise Davies, £120. Available online here.
  12. Bird Cherry, Linda Farquharson, £125. Available online here.
  13. The Making of Things (book), Chris Orr RA, £35. Available online here.
  14. Night Light V, Anja Percival, £95. Available online here.
  15. Three Hens, Richard Spare, £80. Available online here.
  16. Hebridean Notebook, Norman Ackroyd CBE RA, £16.95. Available online here.
  17. Fen Flock, Carry Akroyd, £95. Available online here.
  18. Zillah Bell Friend Subscription. Make someone a Friend of the gallery with our membership scheme – they will then receive formal invites to our monthly private views, artists postcards, interest free credit on purchases and 5% discounts at works they buy at Private Views. Call us on 01845 522479 for more information.
  19. Cornish Landscape, Richard Spare, £80. Available online here.
  20. Mister Fox, Linda Farquharson, £125. Available online here.


Post and Packaging under £10 for all of the above.