THE BARRA ISLES: 2016 Suite of Etchings by Norman Ackroyd CBE RA

3rd December - 1st January

Upper Gallery

Norman Ackroyd CBE RA launches his 2016 Suite of Etchings at Zillah Bell Gallery.

A suite of ten new etchings: ‘The Barra Isles’, have been launched together with a series of watercolours developed from Norman Ackroyd’s latest journey to the Outer Hebrides. An informative ‘work in progress’ board displaying Norman’s sketches, stage proofs and working notes are also being exhibited.

Royal Academician Norman Ackroyd is famous for his atmospheric etchings and sublime watercolours of the British landscape. His work instinctively captures the elemental majesty of nature; of land and sea. This exhibition brings together the result of Norman’s latest sketching trip to the Outer Hebrides, culminating in a suite of ten new etchings for his 2016 Boxset: ‘The Barra Isles’.