Hilary Paynter Exhibition

31st October - 21st November

Main Gallery

An exhibition of new work, local views and large-scale collages.

Hilary Paynter is one of the UK’s foremost contemporary printmakers. Past President of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers and Chairman of the Society of Wood Engravers, her prints are in many collections including the V & A and the Ashmolean Museums.

Hilary Paynter will be holding wood engraving demonstrations at Zillah Bell Gallery to coincide with her exhibition, please contact the gallery for further details and to book your space.

About Hilary and her work

There is always an urgency in my work because of my commitments to the SWE and RE and I have developed rapid engraving techniques. Generally, I have several blocks in progress at any time and move between them. I enjoy the occasional constraints of working to a commission.

I always have more ideas than I can use and these range widely to include socio-political comment and landscape. I normally work directly onto end-grain wood with rudimentary drawings from ideas that I have been refining mentally and this allows development of the engraving on the block.

What is Wood Engraving?

Wood engraving is a type of relief printing process known for its small scale and fine line work. An engraving is made by cutting an image into the polished end-grain of a hardwood block. Printing is done in reverse – as what is taken away from the wood block is ultimately the white areas, it is not uncommon to here the term ‘working with light’ in reference to wood engraving , as the image is printed in reverse . A wood engraving is different from a woodcut. A woodcut is made on plank-wood or side-grain and is generally larger than engravings and less detailed.