Jenny Eden Exhibition

10th June - 27th June

Main Gallery

Zillah Bell Gallery is excited to present a room of paintings by York based artist Jenny Eden through out this month.

About Jenny:

I am currently making canvases which have a general geometric appearance. In this recent work I am exploring colour, form, pattern and texture combinations designed to evoke a visual stimulation and experience. The amalgamation of these visual elements suits my current interests in terms of process and space, and forms a way of embodying my compositional and material explorations. With an interest in Abstraction and contemporary painting concerns, I am investigating new ideas in painting to make work that is challenging in content.

There are a number of themes that are used collectively within my work to generate surface tension and a visual conversation. In my latest paintings I have been working with forms that imply a continuation beyond the canvas. These are often slim, unusual or awkward forms that are placed towards one side of the painting so that there is the suggestion of something larger extending and existing beyond the frame. I feel this gives the viewer a role in the work, ‘something to do’ if you like, in order to engage in thinking about the purpose of the painting.

My work also involves the use of interlocking shapes so that there is an element of journeying through the image in order to make sense of it. I am keen to gain a sense of forms advancing and retreating within the painting to indicate movement. As well, the visual result of using solid colour (sometimes to conceal work underneath the surface) creates a break and shift between heavy texture and something less involved. In conjunction, the placement and mixing of colours are also significant features in my work and I am always experimenting with new palettes to take colour beyond a conventional point.

With a BA in Fine Art from Birmingham School of Art I have been encouraged to explore many conceptual approaches to media, imagery and ideas in my practice. As well, my postgraduate study in Art Psychotherapy has generated an awareness of theoretical and psychoanalytical discussion and there are parallels between this understanding and my work. Alongside my practice as an artist at Bar Lane Studios in York, I am an Art Teacher and currently run the A Level Fine Art programme at York College. 


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