New English Art Club (NEAC)

6th May - 3rd June

Main Gallery

The Zillah Bell Gallery is thrilled to be able to show a selection of works by the New English Art Club (NEAC).

The New English Art Club is a group of around ninety professional painters whose work is based principally upon direct observation of nature and the human figure.

Historically, the New English was founded by a group of artists dissatisfied with the entrenched attitudes of the Royal Academy. They mounted their first show in 1886 including paintings by Clausen, Sickert and Stanhope Forbes. The club increasingly attracted younger artists, bringing with them the influence of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. Many diverse styles of art have developed since its founding, adding richness and variety.

This exhibitions shows works by several artists within the NEAC, including Louise Balaam NEAC RWA, James Bland, Tom Coates PPNEAC PS RBA RP RWA RWS, Tessa Coleman, Michael Cooper, Paul Curtis, Alex Fowler, Roy Freer RI ROI, Mary Jackson RWS, Craig Jefferson, Paul Newland RWS, Richard Pikesley PNEAC RWS, Neil Pittaway RWS RE andSalliann Putman RWS.

The private view is on Friday 5th May from 6.30 – 8.30pm. We do hope that you can join us.