Awarded the Zillah Bell Gallery Printmaking Prize at Printfest in 2020, Sally Adkins is an artist printmaker based in the Peak District.

Sally Adkins is an artist based by the River Derwent in the Peak District who is currently focussed on exploring the movement, moods and future of our rivers.

‘Confluence’, her most recent work, is a response to the Derwent and its junctions with tributaries, celebrating the water as both an exquisite manifestation of nature and a precarious source of life.

Her etchings are predominately a lyrical conversation between artist and river, a dialogue that captures the different characters of flowing water. To achieve this, she has included a series of ‘concertina’ prints. These elongated, pleated etchings allow the printmaker to interpret the river’s long journey and differing currents.

Adkin’s ‘Confluence’ owes gratitude to Alice Oswald, who writes her poetry about (and often performs it on) water– delicately, reverentially and powerfully creating a rhythmic aural waterscape. Oswald’s verse provided the catalyst for the artist to extract and transfer water to paper. Adkins has acknowledged this inspiration in the titles of her prints.

The artist has a deep concern for the health, flora and fauna of our rivers - their continuing poisoning creates a tension between their natural beauty and its highly documented deterioration.

‘Confluence’ is both a visual hymn and a timely warning.